Saturday, January 9, 2021

an MLA like no other

If this had been a normal early January, I would have been, most likely, in Toronto, at the MLA - the Modern Languages Association convention.  As it is, it's the end of Day 3 of 4, on line.  It's been completely wonderful to see friends, albeit squeezed into tiny Zoom boxes, but (I don't know whether others have been suffering from the same delusion) - it's seemed as though they are somehow all in Canada, and are doubtless all having terrific drinks and dinners and conversation way into the night, right now, and as though I am stuck in frigid Northern New Mexico, watching on wistfully from afar.  

But the bonus!  Cats!  Zoom-bombing cats!  I've seen a number today, but the most spectacular was Nasser Mufti's, who pretty much delivered his paper for him (an excellent paper, but to whom should one attribute it?).  As the self-portraits in this image show, Moth was watching and listening attentively: although the whole session was on "Disagreement," she voiced no alternative points of view.


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