Sunday, March 7, 2021

local glass


If you want to go and liberate these two strips of stained glass, they're on the top end of Prestwick Drive ... I'm not sure whether they're relatives of the stained glass door in our house, and in a couple of others on nearby streets, or not.  Ours - and therefore its relatives - were installed in the early 1970s (we know that from the owner at the time), and must have been made in the Judson Studios, in Garvanza (on the South Pasadena/Highland Park border, and an amazing place to visit, when one can visit anywhere again - founded by William Lees Jackson (from Manchester!) in the 1890s, and a real Californian Arts and Crafts Center in the 1890s and 1900s (and onwards).  Also, I've just learned that Garvanza was named after the fields of garbanzo beans in the area, but I digress.  Our window glass design is in the Judson catalog, so that pretty much nails it - this is less obviously one of theirs, but it's not easy to guess where else it could have been made.  

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