Friday, February 25, 2022

finding an excuse

I needed various excuses to go out into the front yard today: watering; checking the mail box; taking empty cardboard boxes to the trash can in the street ... and photographing the camelias, which are just coming into flower.  Why the need for subterfuge?  I wanted to know what's happening next door ... which changed hands about eighteen months ago.  The new owner - who's a screen writer, for some well-known shows, and who seems really nice - but who works east coast hours, and who is often away - is she putting the house on the market again?  There seemed to be a large and a small van there today bearing the name of a house-staging company; later this evening, after they'd packed up and gone, two women arrived carrying in boxes with - probably - other staging must-haves, and large bunches of flowers.  Will we see the realtor arrive tomorrow, taking photographs?  Will the house appear on ready for a Tuesday open house?  Watch this space ...


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