Saturday, February 19, 2022



It is quite something to go to a farmers' market "normally" again, here in LA.  We wandered down the road to the Silver Lake one after celebrating Alice's birthday with breakfast at Tartine.  To be sure, we've been to the Santa Fe FM, and I've been to the one on the USC campus - but this is the first visit here (and, PSA, it wasn't crowded at all - for the sake of the vendors, I hope that it was busier later on).  We did indeed buy a lettuce from this stall, and some passion fruit - incredibly cheap - I hope they're still there next week - and some very good spinach.  The other stand-out was a stall selling microgreens - dinner also involved daikon radish sprouts and something else similarly crunchy - maybe sunflower sprouts?  All of this seems very (well, tangentially) relevant to a question I was trying to think through today about the decline - I'm sure there was a decline ...- in biodiversity in 1870s Britain.  I doubt they were branching out into daikon radishes, at the time.

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