Wednesday, February 2, 2022

view from upstairs

It's the annual wondrous display of the Asian pear.  Usually I post a picture from the bedroom window - here, I was looking out of the house's most mysterious room, on the floor above, and thinking how extraordinarily pretty it looked from there ...

It's a mysterious room, because it's hard to grant it a proper function (at present, it houses a couple of tables with a large collection of orchids (resting) and cacti (cacti are always resting) and, for some reason, the vacuum cleaner).  It's connected by a corridor to the kitchen, and in theory it ought to be a breakfast room - especially as there's a little balcony, too.  Or it would make an excellent writing space.  On the other hand ... the upstairs bathroom leads directly off it, and is, admittedly, rather too close.  I always feel that it doesn't live up to its potential, and this is never so apparent as when the pear blooms.  On the other hand, where would we put all those plants, and for that matter, the tables on which they sit.


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