Friday, February 19, 2010

caught green-handed

...although what, precisely, the crime might be isn't easy to gauge. The only urban green terrorism in which I've ever taken part is making seed bombs: take a handful of wild flower seeds, and make up a paste with earth, and mix them together, and let them dry into a small cricket-ball sized weapon, and then toss, with feeling, onto a abandoned, but potentially fertile, wasteland. We did this with the vacant lot next door to Alice's house in LA, hoping, at the very least, to see a splendid new crop of hollyhocks after the next rains. Only, so far as we could see, nothing happened.

Alternatively, since this is on the side wall of Brower Commons, on College Avenue, maybe this is to indicate that somewhere within these walls, people steal lettuce, or broccoli, or large chunks of jello - that peculiarly American accompaniment to entrees that succeeded in both mystifying me and nauseating me when I very first came to the US.


  1. I hope that handprint didn't come from a rival Brower Thief attempting to steal the title from me... and I don't eat jello, but I DID steal lettuce and broccoli today. And carrots, fat-free raspberry vinaigrette dressing, avocado sushi (I've learned that you can request this!), yogurt, pineapple, cereal, pasta, peanut butter, and cranberry juice. Overall a fairly successful shopping trip...

  2. Cranberry juice? I have visions of this sloshing about in a very messy way, but doubtless you had some kind of convenient container. This sounds better than a bad, or even an average, day at Stop and Drop...