Friday, February 12, 2010


icicles at the corner of the Zimmerli museum/art history department, above windows that - although this isn't visible here - are decorated with Valentine cupids and pink hearts that surpass kitsch. It's a slightly puzzling picture, in terms of how it's worked out. I'd taken a couple of bad-tempered shots of heaps of browning snow and slushy puddles on the way back from a trip to Starbucks, musing on the lack of care or money or both that renders crossing the road in New Brunswick somewhere between soggy and dangerous, and then was struck by the beauty - or so it seemed - of sunlight on ironwork and ice. But in fact, this also, despite the pleasing symmetry of diagonals, ends up looking rather grubby and urban, although I'm happy that the actual dripping from the icicles shows up, if one looks closely, making one recognize this as a snatched moment, rather than a mere record of a rather static corner of campus.

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  1. So pretty! I think pretty is the one good thing about snow. Tuesday night turned New Brunswick into a magical white fantasy world for a few hours... of course, now it's mostly just wet.