Monday, February 8, 2010

shot in the dark

Heading up the stairs into the under-renovation attic, I realize, this evening, that the electricity has been turned off up there. I could, of course, go and get a flashlight - but that lives in the bedroom, in order to check on DandeLion - the feral cat - who is normally under the bed. Since she was on the bed, I didn't want to scare her - and so my only immediate source of illumination was - yes! - a camera flash. So in order to see what work had been done, I quite literally just shot into the darkness, wondering what there would be to be seen.

Plenty of insulation, boards, wires... but also proof that one can take a perfectly symmetrically composed picture without planning a thing (this is deliberately uncropped, and I didn't know that the stepladder was there). It's a benign use of the flash; an arrangement of trapezoids; proof that objects are existing in happy alignment even in the pitch black - as though there may be serendipitous harmony, even when one can't physically perceive it.

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