Saturday, February 6, 2010

some snow

but no Snowmageddon, here in mid-Jersey (pause for depressed thought: one hopes that Obama's major legacy won't be the coining - or at least the taking up and popularizing - of this word). The National Weather Center says we had a paltry five inches - paltry, that is, compared with the south of the state, or Philadelphia airport, which had 28 inches (how many job candidates are stranded in strange parts of the country? - for this is campus visit season): just enough, in other words, for it to look extremely pretty when we woke up, but not enough to debilitate everything. And enough for it to puzzle LucyFur, and for the arrival of Pete, our school student snow shoveler (we have a 4" minimum for his services - the stuff was so wet and heavy that we were very grateful for him today).

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