Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow balls

I'm actually not sure what these are - I hope someone more attuned to North American horticulture will enlighten me... If they were in England, I'd say that they looked like plane tree balls, but I don't think they are - too spiky, and looking like a rambutan.

There was a lot of snow today - around 13". That, admittedly, will not sound a lot to sufferers in DC or Maryland, but it's a good deal for Highland Park to cope with, and our trees are bending in an ominous fashion. It's hard taking adequate photographs that don't look like every other photograph - submerged cars, people on cross-country skis in the streets, chilly ducks floating down the Raritan with snow on their backs, neighbors' snowpeople, etc, especially in the dull grey light - and yet, there's something compulsive about documenting The Great Storm of February 10th 2010, so I've ended up with all of these...


  1. Hi Kate,

    These are sweet gum seed pods. Looking nicely accented by the snow, I might add!


  2. Thank you, Amanda! ok, that's 2 votes for the sweet gum tree pods (the other vote was on FB). I'll start on American trees soon - I think I'm fine with birds, and more or less ok with wild flowers (in New Mexico, anyway...) K