Sunday, April 18, 2010


The New York Post is never one to soft-peddle news, but this is emphatic, to say the least. At a St Anne's brunch (these things are held bi-annually in NYC, and coincide with a more general Oxford University get together) it was not a little amusing to hear that there are currently 30 heads of Oxford colleges stuck in New York, and wondering whether they can possibly charter a liner home (I think not: seemingly all the berths on cruise ships have already been snapped up). As Tim Gardam, St Anne's principal put it, it's like a disaster movie ("Ash," we thought) with the script by David Lodge.

Meanwhile, it was an exceptionally beautiful day in New York.


  1. And here I was thinking Amanda Vickery merely being hyperbolic when she said she thought the UK govt should charter a liner for her to return home from NYC with her family and john styles!! They have been told by Virgin that they can fly in 10 days time!! xx

  2. Judging by the UK press, the Royal Navy will be sending a warship any time now...