Thursday, April 1, 2010


This is my left ear, and it hurts. So does the right one, but I can't take pictures of them both at once (and indeed, found it quite remarkable that I could get even one in focus, and in the frame, indeed, given the odd angle). Or maybe "rings" is better than hurts: my head hurts; my eyeballs feel uncomfortably swollen. This is the effect of Noise - and what's worse, I can't bear to think that I'm growing into a cranky old person who complains, yes, just like my father that Restaurants are Too Noisy. This one, Sahara, serves most excellent Middle Eastern food - at least, the starters and a kind of pizza with cumin seed are good - the main meaty course not so interesting - but (and this was the second time I'd been with a group, and it was the same last time) the noise bounces off the ceiling, and I feel most jangled and as though I've been angrily buffeted by cymbals. This intensified after a large table of RU frat/sorority peoples arrived, partying (and there was a great deal of that outside, too, and skateboards and frisbees and suddenly the kind of warm night that makes one think of cars with their tops down and Springsteen songs playing, but I can cope with noise like that, very happily, since there's space between me and it). This all seems pathetic, but true...


  1. Sahara is the only restaurant in existence my mother has yet to blacklist, so my parents take me there whenever they come to visit. Did you try the rosewater lemonade? It's fabulous! So is their falafel... and their hummus... and the mucver... and every single one of their desserts... it all makes up for the noise, in the end.

  2. No! I didn't know they saved rosewater lemonade! How wonderful! Next time! I agree about the falafel. i think the auditory kiss of death must be when one's part of a large group sitting upstairs: I am, though, planning on raiding it for carry-out...