Wednesday, April 7, 2010

sunset over texas

and seen from a rather small plane, with only four passengers, bouncing along under and round a thunderstorm (and avoiding, visibly, at least one twister), between Houston and College Station. It was the kind of ride in which the options are (a) hysteria (b) stoicism as one gets one with next week's teaching prep or (c) deciding - and the sunset helped - that it was rather fun, in a fairground ride sort of way. (c) is always much easier for me on prop planes than on large anonymous jets that start to throw one around somewhere off the coast of Newfoundland just when one's decided to go to sleep.

I arrive in College Station to find not just an entire cellophane wrapped basket of treats (an eclectic collection - a blue star of Texas fridge magnet clip, some starburst fruit chews, some coffee, a snickers bar, and a bottle of zinfandel (but no corkscrew), among other things...), but that I've forgotten my camera smart card downloader - good job I had the sunset on my iPhone, too. But if Joel Sternfeld can shoot a whole book of images of Dubai on his iPhone, I should be able to manage a three-day conference...

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