Monday, April 19, 2010

tower window

The tower - and indeed, the attic as a whole - is coming along, although I have days when I seriously doubt that it will be finished before about next January. The floor is now chosen. Then when that is installed, the baseboards and trim can be nailed in. Then a fan. Then an a/c unit, that meets some new extra-special efficiency specification, and may or may not arrive by June, or so. Then there are other problems, like the tree outside that's leaning at what even I admit is a precarious angle over the road, other people's cars, etc. And the leaking basement, which of course is probably leaking because of roots from the same tree. There are some days when I think that quite the simplest thing to do would be to go and live in a tent in the back yard, although that would probably fall foul of some Highland Park zoning regulation.

This tower window is, of course, protected with paper from all the painting and plastering that's been going on round it. I'm just adopting it as a handy metaphor for a day when there hasn't been too much light shining through anything.

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