Sunday, April 4, 2010

more mystery art work

I cannot swear absolutely blind that this is the same house on S. 4th street that displayed a rejected painting of ballerinas a year ago, propped up against a tree... but I think it may well be. Which really deepens the mystery of last year: this - this artifact is in such a radically different style. Last year's was a nearly finished, or a deliberately unfinished oil sketch, whereas this looks like shag pile carpeting.

And what is it? My first impression was that it was a shaggy buffalo silhouetted against a glowing western sunset, but I think that I've seen too many pieces of bad art in windows of (probably now closed) tourist art stores in Taos, and I think I'm wrong, unless the artist couldn't quite decide how to do legs. Maybe a mountain goat? Maybe an overly clumpy pine branch? And then it strikes me that the sun is in a weird position, and in fact, if one turns it upside down, there is, it turns out, a quite recognizable promontory with pine trees sticking out. But it is, all the same, a quite remarkably horrific monument to bad taste.

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