Saturday, June 4, 2011


Unpacking is a vertiginous job - on the one hand rather like Christmas (albeit with the presents wrapped in pale cream paper), with the certitude that one will like the object that is eventually revealed inside - and it'll be a surprise, too, to some extent - our packers have mixed up genres to a vertiginous and often worrying degree.   So a garden ornament can be thrown together with some paintings, and a book or two, and a few stems of artificial flowers - and here comes the "on the other hand" part: I spent too much of this morning documenting damage.   A chipped picture frame here; a lampshade impaled on another lampshade there; an earthenware pot with a broken handle, above.   And there are all kinds of things that as yet I can't even begin to imagine where they could be or if they'll turn up at all (the movers in NJ seem a shifty lot, in retrospect).   And then there are the mysteries - why is one of the bedroom dressers standing - uneasily standing - on legs that it's never been on before?

We have returned to NM, but clearly will have to be back in LA again very shortly ...

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