Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We have the only flourishing patch of tumbleweed in Eldorado, rising strong and healthy and bright green, except where rabbits are nibbling away at it.   You might have thought that we would have realised that there was something mildly suspicious about this - there's been, after all, a three month drought.   But no: it's taken a while to penetrate the consciousness that the sound of steadily running water that greeted us when we arrived from NJ wasn't a faulty toilet cistern (and indeed, peering inside, useful implements in hand, I'd seen no way that it could be).   But it slowly struck us: the outside faucet was dribbling away into the hose, and that, indeed, was breaking every last Eldorado water restriction rule.   So it's been temporarily cut off with a little brass tap, and we await the plumber's return, and hope that the bad news isn't too awful about what, indeed, has actually happened.

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