Thursday, June 30, 2011


Lola probably gets the least attention of all our cats - not deliberately, and not when it comes to practical matters like food and water and some new medicine designed to soothe her delicate stomach, and not when it comes to being stroked, even - I just sometimes have the feeling that she gets rather short shrift when keeping company with one assertive monster of selfhood, one bouncy and enthusiastic young tabby, and one deeply neurotic, extraordinarily beautiful orange fluffy thing that usually lives under the bed.   And yet, as this shows, she is a cat with huge depths of character and thoughtfulness.

Home! in other words, with the felines, the flames in the distance (though with some intense showers this evening - quite extraordinary to see rain), and the strange limbo, for three hours (east coast versus west coast time) of not actually being employed by any institution.   I am sure that there ought to be a way of noting or celebrating that fact ...

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