Wednesday, June 1, 2011

family visit

Sophie!   Mother of LucyFur and the elusive DandyLion.   Once a feral cat, now a semi-domesticated but still shy feline.   I look at her for signs of similarity with our own felines - is that Lucy's paw move?  Dandy's aggressive stare?

In truth, most of the pictures that I'm taking are the usual post-tenancy ones: a bath tub stained by black hair dye; a toilet seat with very strange stains indeed (can hair dye get there, too? - but one doesn't want to think what else it might be); a hot tap stripped of its "hot" sign; a dented and badly repainted bedroom wall.   Now that's a problem: did the tenants feud and throw things at each other?   Did they bolt unguessable straps and cinches to the wall?   Did they merely move the furniture around when very drunk?   Whatever - they would have done better not to have repainted the scratches and still very visible dents with what seems to have been paint destined for the garage door.   Movers moved our stuff back into our offices and into very cramped self-storage today; and arrive in the house tomorrow: I'm far from sanguine about how many of our possessions will actually fit in, but it's probably a very good thing that the storage unit is so full - that must surely mean that there's less actually arriving tomorrow?   Maybe?

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