Tuesday, June 21, 2011

to kill a ...

I always used to think that mockingbirds had to be something like a magpie - black and white and loud and derisory.   So much for Harper Lee (not that I remember any reference to bird color - I imagine that everyone's meant to know what a mockingbird looks like).   This was sitting on top of our big juniper bush this morning when I went down the drive to get the newspaper - the true sign of a mockingbird is the fact that a deceptively melodious (in other words, probably mimicked) song comes out of their long fierce beaks.   The mocking-ness here comes from that derisory stare.   

A bizarrely early post, yes, but I'm about to catch a plane or two in order to get to England, which seems to be wet and full of diverse forms of industrial action.

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