Saturday, September 3, 2011

pillow talk

We are, of course, still trying to find homes for things.   Why do we have so many pillows?   Some, I know, are ones that have failed to disappear from various yard sales/give aways - but even so, I know that we've managed to give some away over the years.   Yes, to be sure, we keep some for guests (even though, in this less than spacious house, that would now mean a pump-up air bed on the floor).   There are four on the bed.   There are three ones that truly are beyond hope on the floor, stacked up, waiting for us to decide their fate.   But here are three more roosting on the window-shelf in the walk-in closet.   And there are, I know, a whole lot more in Santa Fe.   The strange thing is that I'm not aware of either of us having a compulsive pillow-buying habit - we're not talking me and bags, here - but they do exist, in quantity.

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