Monday, September 26, 2011

Va disparaître

The photographer Eugène Atget used to inscribe some of the pictures that he took between 1899-1927 of old Paris "va disparaître" - "going to disappear."   That, to our horror (and that of the dismal peeling clown face here) is true of the corner of Sunset Junction nearest to us.   A couple of weeks back the three shops - in historic old properties - on the corner closed down, quite rapidly, including a great little store that sold ecologically sound design goods of various kinds, Kelly Green (it's now re-opened in Echo Park).   I should have documented those shops: they've gone.   This wall and rubble will probably be next - all the ground in front of it is churned up by a bulldozer.   And in its place - and I only knew this because I "liked" Kelly Green on FaceBook a while back - are going to be ninety - or is it ninety-four - housing units, in a four story block.

Ninety housing units?   Just about four easy walking blocks from here?   When there's no parking, anyway?   What kind of housing units?   How come we didn't know about this? (oh, easy answer here - we were in NJ, of course, when the planning permission went through).   Time to start giving sneaky sideways glances at - though both of us shudder deeply at the mere contemplation of another move.

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