Thursday, September 15, 2011


The weird-by-association thing about these traditional Japanese soaking tubs at Ten Thousand Waves is their similarity to a Cialis ad ... but other than that, the refurbished Ichiban private tubs are a complete delight - two tubs (each certainly big enough for two), a sauna, a Cooling Room, a Japanese toilet (I jest not - this has a seat lid that opens and closes if you just wave your hand vaguely near the relevant button, and inbuilt jets for - er - cleaning oneself), and one's own showers - which avoids that whole horrendous business of communal changing rooms, where I've never got past the shuddering memories of Public if Furtive Body Comparison whilst changing for Games or Gym at school.   Over the ninety minutes that we spent in there, I could feel the exhaustion and stress of the last couple of months just starting to seep out.   Not bad stress, in the end, I should add, for the Anxious Reader, but stress, all the same.   It's very easy to under-estimate what change does to the nervous system ...

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