Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It's so good to find the vase of late summer flowers in my bedroom - "late summer" is a whole lot more appropriate than autumnal, because the weather here in London is quite shockingly hotter than Los Angeles.   Somehow, even having prepared myself through looking at the weather forecast, I didn't quite believe this would be the case, and I'm radically ill-equipped.   It seems like the first time that I've been here for three years when it hasn't been damp and grey and wet.   And here is the cat weather vane mobile from Oxford, and further along the windowsill, two Acoma pots and a china bluebird - all from the flat - and so, most touchingly, New Mexico has come to Wimbledon.

Really, I don't like the tacky and imperfect vignette effect that one finds in iPhoto, but I'm exploring its shockingly limited possibilities.

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