Friday, September 30, 2011

walking to the library

There really is nothing like the Victorian Venetian Gothic of the Kings Cross/St. Pancras complex.   Indeed, I can't wait to stay at the now-opened St Pancras hotel - and I've just checked: were we to stay there the night before we head off to Paris when Alice is speaking next March, say, it would be affordable ... just about ... for one night.   After all the photographs that I took of it whilst it was still a more or less ruin of Victorian interior decoration - in all its crimson and gilt peeling sumptuousness - I'm excited to see it shinily restored.   

But even without that particular treat, the mere walk from KingX to the British Library is pretty good, and first thing this morning, I wasn't even blasted by the heat wave that made this the hottest September day for over 100 years.   Someone should have told the 93 bus that the weather was warmer than usual: all its heating was on full tilt.

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