Saturday, October 1, 2011

London tourism

A miniature picture essay, based on the fact that whatever else I do when I visit London, I like to take at least one long walk - go exploring in places I don't know, or haven't been for a long, long time ...

So here I'm about to join up with the workers - not day laborers outside Home Depot, but day laborers outside the British Library.

After several hours' diligence, I went to the Atkinson Grimshaw exhibition at the Guildhall, and then walked down to Southwark Bridge, noticing this statue for the first time.

Walking along the Thames, there are many, many new glass and steel constructions, some of them not yet finished,

whereas others have been there a pretty long time.

The Tower of London has a pride of lions made out of wire mesh, which manage to look curiously like sheep,

and then a very large sundial by Tower Bridge station has a whole lot of bas relief sculptures showing London's history.   I feel as though I had a crash course not so much in history's continuity, but in change, today - that, though, is one of the very good things about living such a long way away - one really can sometimes see this place with very new eyes (and enjoy the fact that it's somewhere where newspaper headiness celebrate the return of once a week rubbish - i.e. trash - collection).

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