Sunday, October 23, 2011

contemplating gardening

There are many good reasons to go to Sunset Nurseries, very close to us in Silver Lake, and one of them is the amount of serenity that they manage to pack into a small space - it's full of little alleys that in turn are crammed with happily growing plants, and various calming statues.   And (by now I'm sounding like a commercial, but they deserve it) when I came home with a dozen pots of herbs, and two wooden troughs to put them in, and some high end potting compost, all the herbs were in perfect condition - not root bound, not dried out, not sulking in any way.   So I'm hoping that raccoons aren't partial to them - we were rather surprised last night, having gone to bed, to have three rollicking, partying raccoons on the top deck outside the French doors into the bedroom - jumping onto the trellis, up and down the curling fire escape, up onto the roof, and clawing at the doors so that they could come in - probably their plan was to bypass the cats (who by this time were staring very hard indeed, straight into an inquisitive raccoon face), and head off downstairs for dinner.   Eventually they left, but not without convincing me that there's a parallel animal universe very close at hand.

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