Wednesday, October 26, 2011

puss in boots 2

And then there's this little piece of irony: the alluring bad-boy ginger cat poster on the bench, saying, in mock-menace, I KEPT THIS SEAT WARM FOR YOU.   The street person, wearing an unusual combination of non-gendered clothes in order to keep warm, one imagines, for fall is indeed here, may or may not have appreciated this sentiment - though it's unclear whether this was, indeed, his bed for the night, or whether he's parked his belongings on it having rescued a paper for reading from the bin.  And I was driving past listening to an NPR piece about why Americans don't riot as much as people in Europe (hypothesis: that those who are rich because they've worked hard aren't resented - though evil bankers, say, are resented plenty) - but surmising that this national non-characteristic might be starting to wear thin.  Indeed.

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