Tuesday, October 18, 2011

fun fair

It's another example of what one doesn't expect to see on one's way home (curses: the lights didn't allow for me to be stationary whilst passing this, so I'm most grateful for my new little camera's image stabilization.   Point and shoot has a whole new meaning, as well, when one isn't looking in the direction in which one's pointing and clicking).   It's a fun fair!  Or at least, a whole collection of trucks carrying fairground rides, all neatly folded up.   Maybe it's the end of the county fair season, and they've found a place to roost for the winter?   It seems improbable to me that Vermont can be a legal or lengthy parking spot, but I've seen stranger things.   These look like some kind of a scary plunging dipper.   It's been decades since I've seen what used to be my favorite ride, which consisted of mock motor bikes that were fixed to an undulating floor, and whirled carousel style, dipping and rising at what seemed like high speed.   There were always one or two tough looking guys with greasy hair and tight, torn blue jeans taking money for the rides and balancing on the curvy wooden boards as it spun round and round - I wanted to be one of them even more than I enjoyed riding the motor bikes.  I appreciate the painted ponies ("... go round and round: I'm captive, on a carousel of love"), of course, but I liked live ponies so much better that riding an imitation motor bike provided a kind of thrill that the gently rotating golden steeds could never quite achieve.

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