Friday, October 7, 2011

the biggest dog in Los Angeles?

Look carefully in the back of this car.   It might appear like a small cow - on its way to star in a Chick-fil-A commercial (did you know that chain has a Cow Appreciation Day once a year, where you can get a free meal if you're entirely dressed as a cow?   I do like their TV adds, especially the cow DJ one.   I digress).   But no - it's a very large dog.   We were, indeed, behind it on our way to the vets with Emmett, but it didn't turn in there, so I have no immediate way of verifying quite how large it is ...  There has to be a way of getting Mitt Romney in at this point, Gail Collins style.   Indeed (as she herself questions), if he does indeed become the GOP presidential candidate, will she still have to obey her self-imposed condition of mentioning, every time she invokes his name, the fact that he once drove from Boston to Canada with the family dog strapped to the roof.

What I hadn't realized, before I did some quick googling, is (a) that he quite definitely intended Seamus, the Irish setter to travel up there - it wasn't some vague act of confusing luggage, but rather, he even built a windshield for the dog, and (b) that poor Seamus was actually terrified - at some point, the family saw scared dog poop trickling down the roof and windows, and had to stop at a gas station to wash off the car - yes, and the dog - before continuing with their journey.   This all emerges in a perfectly respectable news profile on Romney in 2007.   Gail Collins doesn't need to back peddle on this - another full exposure would be very much in order, I'd think.

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