Wednesday, October 5, 2011

another side of Los Angeles

I felt a little queasy having posted another view of the top of Parking Lot D yesterday, since I arrived there this morning to find that someone had just jumped off it, and therefore we were being directed to another parking structure, the other side of the interstate, and a Long Walk Back through the first heavy downpour - indeed, sustained rain - of the season.   I felt extremely lucky to have found the structure at all - the minute that I get dislocated from one of my normal routes, I'm instantly driving around somewhere that could unnervingly be anywhere.   And the backs of storage buildings - like the view when I emerged from the parking lot - are extraordinarily anonymous and unwelcoming.   This, indeed, looks far more like North Carolina, or even, dare I say it, New Jersey, than Los Angeles.   The weather, too, was pure NJ, or even - say - Sheffield.

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