Thursday, October 27, 2011

band practice

So this is what I hear from my office, afternoon after afternoon.   The entire marching band was working out in the track and field area when I was on my way to a talk at 4.30 - they'd been there for a while; they carried on through the talk, and I think I'd never appreciated what hard physical work it must be - not just for the people carrying the heaviest instruments, but for everyone having to walk around in formation, and wave flags, and make moves that look as though they had their origins in C18th quadrilles rather than in military formations.  But seeing them hard at work brought home quite how different US universities are from UK ones - yes, of course I'd noticed this in a million different respects, but seeing a band and its entourage play fanfares and uplifting tootles and whirl in formation made me feel like a Martian.

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