Friday, October 28, 2011

parents' day

And this is the campus, showing itself off at the very end of October in the sunshine (mid 70s today), with parents being welcomed in every corner; being fed lunch; being taken to classes by their offspring - all of them wearing labels round their necks with their names and the place that they've come from.   Placards everywhere, promising everything from the Christian Parent Challenge to a seminar to "Coming Out at College".   What I'd really like to document, of course, would be the variety of student relationships with their parents, ranging from apparent we-are-best-friends to acute embarrassment (the young man with an invisible, but highly legible bubble over his head reading "Mom! I don't believe it!   How could you wear That?   I mean ... a leopard print mini-dress and titteringly high mock wood platform sandals??  GEE - you look just like a hooker ... it's so embarrassing.")  But of course, being moderately well behaved faculty, I confine myself to one of the many, many clumps of balloons.

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