Monday, October 17, 2011

both ends of the day

On the one hand, an iPhone photo of some chamisa - picked on Thursday, and by now fluffed up and seedy - and on the other, an image of the living room at 962 courtesy of my new little point and shoot, a Canon PowerShot Elph 510 HS.  The only - and believe me, it is the only - advantage of losing a little camera on - well, probably on a flight back from London - is that it allows one to take advantage of the latest technology in cute lightweight cameras.   I'm impressed - I took this in a dark room without flash - as opposed to using the iPhone to provide fill flash, in an irritatingly bleached out way, above.   But it does operate as an effective contrast between the light of a New Mexico morning (bringing in the hoses for winter, transplanting the geraniums indoors) and smog-haze in Los Angeles when we arrived.  Or between getting a good deal of writing done in a very few days, and facing a barrage of meetings tomorrow.

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