Thursday, October 6, 2011


I suppose that one always ought to be prepared for earthquakes here, and indeed we used to keep some bottled water and foodstuffs in the garage, and make sure that we always know where the kitty carriers are.   That isn't, admittedly, very much, but at least isn't pandering to the sense of panic such as a sign like this one engenders.   Yes, I know, one shouldn't wait to put together such a kit.   

I saw this en route to the Getty - getting there and back counts as my Driving and Navigating triumph of the week.   If - given that I have a GPS - that doesn't sound like a great deal, I'll point out the fact that there's a mass of post Carmageddon road work preventing one from turning right from Sunset onto Sepulveda, and that in attempting to navigate free-style, I ended up turning into a smart hotel where the garage concierge waved me through and out of the garage - a sneaky little fast route.   The Getty itself was its usual haven of utterly beautiful tranquility (water-color exhibitions included) - unbelievable to have architecture like this in a Californian version of a Tuscan hillside.

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