Sunday, December 18, 2011

the abandoned chair of eldorado

After those long sequences of abandoned chairs in Highland Park, and the occasional abandoned chair in Silver Lake, I bring you - at long last - an Abandoned Chair in Eldorado.  This one looks as though it's been not just abandoned, but joyously, wantonly mauled - by a pit bull puppy, perhaps?  Indeed, it doesn't look too bad a chair at all, apart from the fact that someone has viciously disemboweled it.  Maybe it has fleas, and someone executed this butchery as an act of charity against the possibility that someone might want to give it a good home?  In any case, it may well be covered by snow in the morning.  We've fled back to LA, to avoid two years running of Christmas travel being completely mangled by the weather - so it had better snow ...

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