Thursday, December 1, 2011

a weather event

an early post, but who knows when we will have power restored back home?  It went out around one a.m., and when I try and call our home phone, it still says "the person you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at present," which is ominous.  So here I am, in my office (and that's the corner of Taper Hall, home to the English dept, just to keep the week's motif rolling).  And emerging from the building to go and hunt down some lunch, I find that we're one tree the less on campus - already sawn up, but still impressive for the roots that are waving in the air.  That red balloon?  One of many on campus, signaling National AIDS awareness day.

Winds were around - oh, sixty or so mph last night, and may be the same again tonight.  At least we're not in Pasadena, which seems to have been swiped especially hard.  I would say that it was terrifying, were it not for the fact that I was so emphatically trying to sleep that I can only remember Alice telling me at the time that it was terrifying, and watching the flashes of electric transformers flashing off in the distance, and thinking, oh!  Flash!  oh, research!  before heading back to sleep until the next howling gust.  All the same, I think we might try sleeping in the living room tonight, complete with the wind-up radio that I so perspicaciously ordered as a thank-you gift for this year's subscription to KPCC NPR radio station.

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