Wednesday, December 21, 2011

England. Christmas. Arrival.

First, the Heathrow luggage trolleys, lined up waiting for the world's heavy suitcases.

Then, the curious fact that there are many, many fewer illuminations, whether public or private, in London than there are in the US - Christmas trees in people's front rooms, to be sure, but hardly anything in the streets, and even shop windows look somewhat desultory in their tinsel.  Is this The Recession?  Certainly there was a piece on the news tonight about how local councils are spending much much less on Christmas lights this year (apart from those who want to lure in customers so that they make lots of money from carpark fees) - and as here, in Wimbledon Village, there seems to be a strange tangle with commercial advertising.

And then, there are, indeed, some rather frost bitten flowers from the garden on my windowsill - I'd forgotten about this pretty blue vase, which, actually, I always think of as being a snowdrop vase.

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