Monday, December 12, 2011

wire bear

I'm sure I've noted in the past that there's a menagerie of barbed wire beasts outside our Santa Fe vets (where we were taking Emmett to be hydrated, blood tested, and so on - the splendid boy revived enormously after his visit).  Here's a bear.  It's a sad picture, to me, because of the images last weekend in of the annual NJ bear cull - not that I've ever seen a bear in NJ, whereas I have encountered a couple, over the years, in NM.   I've seen none here in Eldorado, either, although there was a great story a couple of years ago about someone who'd just moved here from Northern California, who'd got tired of finding bears swimming around in his pool in the back yard - and what should he find sitting in his tree in the back yard?  In other wildlife observations, the Crime Notes in the Eldorado News for last month recorded one break-in (not in Eldorado itself), and a bobcat and kittens seen crossing a road.

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