Sunday, December 11, 2011

bird feeding

In fact, this isn't a particularly functional bird feeder - it's an old dish hanging in a tree that we employed last summer to try and tempt bluebirds to come and feed mealy worm grubs to their young - young that never showed the slightest bit of interest in said grubs.  All the same, we - I mean - they - reared at least two families, and possibly three.  I say "possibly three," because although we only saw two, there was another nest in the birdhouse when I came to inspect it yesterday - and I know I cleared the last one out.  Today - war restocked the main bird feeder, and the water bowls, and bought two separate kind of suety seedy things for the wire holder, and are now sitting back to see who turns up.


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  2. I so love it when a comment - clearly a spam effort - has a quirky and surreal effect ...