Saturday, October 6, 2012

looking at art

One doesn't always find oneself in the right place at the right time in an art gallery, but walking through the Met this afternoon ... 

It was a day of walking - and that, in turn, means a challenge not to repeat a million of tourist images.  Brooklyn Bridge (I've always wanted to walk across it! and managed to do so, at last, today), however had a few places where it was covered in a very thick scrim ...

and there were a few good bits of graffiti (this quote is attributable to Ferdinand Fuchs, but I don't understand the many, many plastic bag handles, and unlike bridges with miniature padlocks, googling has been of no help, here).

And back in the Met, I think I'm going to use this image as the flier illustration to my Writing and Photography course next semester.  The photo gallery is just gearing up for the Faking It show - on photo manipulation before Photoshop - this is a kind of appendix room, on Digital Manipulation now ... and this is a photo-assemblage by Joan Fontcuberta, taking as a base Niepce's "original photograph" - the view from his window in 1826 (that's the date they give) - re-imaged using photomosaic software that put together 10,000 images found by googling "photo" and "foto."  I may have to catch up with Faking It when it goes on tour later next year - I don't think I'll be back in NY before January 27th.  Alas.

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