Wednesday, October 3, 2012

street cleaning

If you find the small straggle of Occupy Wall Street protesters camped outside Trinity Church a little untidy - why, hose them and their sidewalk down!  With high pressure hoses!!  Someone's bound to be taunting the police and filming them on their cell phone just in case they were going to become a little less passive (actually, three quarters of an hour later they seemed to be back chatting cheerfully with some of the temporary locals).  After tonight's debate (did Obama spend all that prep time rehearsing looking down at the podium?  Why??), I'm sure that the people I heard in the nearby streets saying "those bonds are doing really well" are feeling happier.  Now I'm sitting seething in a financial district hotel (courtesy of the MLA: committee meeting on The Status of Women in the Profession tomorrow and Friday), feeling thoroughly let down by the lackluster performance of The Man Who Was Not Hillary.

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