Monday, October 22, 2012


Ostensibly I was rushing home to watch the debate, but also I was hoping to see - four minutes or so earlier than yesterday - what I'd witnessed yesterday evening: a shaft of sunshine hitting plates stacked in the dining room cupboard and reflecting off the surface beneath them.

Ah, the debate.  So all the world ("foreign policy") has been collapsed into the Middle East and China, and just maybe Russia.  Oh, yes, and Romney thinks that we can exploit workers in Central and South America rather than China.  Europe has disappeared (unless we are sliding into a Greek Situation).  No currency crisis in the Eurozone; no India (though Pakistan is ominously there); no southern hemisphere.    It was deadly dull; Romney shuffled into an aggressively middle of the road position and obviously found Obama's ideas useful ones to agree with; and Obama so obviously knew so much more than he did - and his to live this stuff daily - that it was almost unfair.  Almost.  How anyone could vote for Mittens is beyond me.

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