Tuesday, October 30, 2012

pumpkin shoes

Halloween is nearly upon us.  This attempt at seasonal footwear looks like a good idea that someone had after a few beers, and now, in the warm light of day, isn't quite working out as planned.  Scotch taping a half pumpkin around one's socks isn't always the easiest thing to do (I didn't wait around to see whether the girl managed to hobble off successfully or not ...).  

I would have said that this was the oddest sight on campus today, though possibly it was equalled by a rectangle of tables set up in front of Tommy Trojan.  On the outside were seated about sixteen guys - I think they were all guys - each with a chessboard in front of them.  On the inside - a guy dressed as a wizard, complete with cloak and pointy hat, who was circulating from board to board and playing one move at a time - circulating quickly - playing, therefore, sixteen - say - games of chess simultaneously.  Impressive.

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