Saturday, February 2, 2013

more things not to miss about Hoover

For everyone who says - but how can you bear to leave your lovely house? - I'd say: but the street is tiring.  The house opposite has a mock yard sale every week - "mock" mightn't be quite the right word, but it's not a yard sale in the conventional sense of people moving or trying to clear space: I've got no idea where their stuff comes from, not least (see below) a framed picture of Princess Di.  The other half of the house is getting a considerable makeover - the whole place has been termite-tented during the past couple of months, and all the chewed wood taken out, and now all the windows are being replaced (think jack hammer; think the radio on loud, today).  So this may signal a definite upswing in the 'hood.  What never ceases to amaze me is that these little houses opposite are indeed older than this one: they date back to 1919, and this one to 1925 - and our new house is a definite youngster, at 1929.

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