Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Tomorrow is moving day!  Or moving day #1.  Quite how I'm going to manage moving mid-week in a week that already seems endless and crazed, I can't begin to imagine,  But everything (that includes the neighbors' house, to the left - ours actually drops down from this, the entrance level) was looking wonderful very early this morning, when I went over to sign off on yet another expensive chunk of replacement sewer pipe.  Our back yard now has what looks like several very deep graves dug in it (something of a relief to see that the soil looks rich and fertile, ready to grow - grow what?  Much planning to come.  At the moment, it really needs a herd of hungry goats to be let loose on it, but the nearest rent-a-goat set of lawnmowers that I know live in Eldorado ...)

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