Thursday, February 28, 2013


I really didn't intend to replicate the Walter picture, but I'm away with a MacAir and with the wrong attachment for uploading pictures - so that's what I have.  No Walter, though - he's back in Los Angeles, and we're in Austin, which is a strange place, so far - like a pokier version of Oklahoma City, with many more bars.  I'm quite prepared to believe that I haven't yet seen the best of it (since we're only here for less than 48 hours - Alice speaks at a conference tomorrow; I'll wander round/sit in a coffee shop/go to the library - I'd love to look at the Russell Lee stuff in the Harry Ransom Center, but I have been too busy to chase it down before my arrival, and in any (gloomy) case, this might be my only chance to do next week's teaching prep.

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