Sunday, February 3, 2013

new front door

It's our new front door!  And yes, you can look through the front door, down the hallway, through the dining room, and that's the edge of our garden/Griffith Park.  We're moving in more slowly than was possible shifting home from New Jersey to California - it's a great lifting of pressure to be able to load wicker crates into the car, drive fifteen minutes, unpack, and drive the little crates back again.  The serious guys with vans arrive on Thursday, and there's a chance we'll be ready for them (that's ignoring everything that has to be done between now and then - like teaching, and meetings ...).  Todays' most ridiculous moment was not being able for a while to work out how to turn off the waterfall.

Meanwhile back at Hoover, fifty shades of orange.  The cats are, by now, beginning to realize that Something is Going On.

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