Wednesday, April 3, 2013

house colors

So which color should it be?  Actually, you can't vote; we've already decided; it's the big broad stripe that's - so to speak - the second layer down.  With sage green trim - only now that they've started painting, that trim may be a little to dark.  We'll inspect again in the early morning.  Getting the right color has been quite an exercise ... we really like a house a couple of streets away (as I may have remarked before ...) - we wrote the owners a note, and found, in the end, that the paint they used was made by a now defunct company (of course ...).  Our painter - er - went and stole a chip of the color - we don't want to know ... and it's been scanned and matched as nearly as possible.  I think that it would look good to have a whole abstract patchwork wall like this, but I know that I'd be shouted down, and probably with reason.  My desire to have my study painted a dark teal is quite wayward enough.

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