Friday, April 19, 2013

sand, not sky

Not sky, but sand.  Or something - desert storm?  (I'm now starting to sound like whoever has the job of thinking up names for paint colors.  Since you were wondering, my study walls are "teal ocean," with the alcove walls being "yellow haze").  I'm wondering what movie this will end up to be advertising.  Even at the end of a long week; even with a headache from hell; even with what was - at the time I was passing this spot - uncertain news coming out of Boston - I still enjoy my drive home every single day: driving towards the hills; seeing the light on buildings; reading the absurdity of people's vanity plates - on Sunset, a little later, I was nearly reversed into by a crazed driver in a car that read "I[heart]MYABS".  I jest not.

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